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Richard Winfield - coach
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Introduction to Executive coaching

Discover how executive coaching can improve your performance
and impact the bottom line

Coaching at the top is cost effective and rapid–acting at the point of maximum leverage, where it can generate change and cascade behaviours through the organisation.


Coaching is "just in time" learning – as opposed to training, which could be "just in case" learning. If coaching is combined with training, the learning can be applied and thoroughly integrated back in the workplace.


The structured, outcomes-led process guides individuals – and teams – through their own business challenges, clarifies issues, examines limiting beliefs and generates solutions with a compelling course of action

Ask yourself these three questions

  • What are my most important needs just now?

  • What are my most important goals - have I got quality goals?

  • What stops me from achieving my goals?

  • What is executive coaching?

    Executive coaching is the art of facilitating another's performance, learning and development. It is a modern day concept that synthesises the best from psychology, business, communications, mentoring, counselling, consulting, transformation, philosophy, spirituality, finance and sports.

    The coaching process

    At a coaching session you will bring an agenda of issues or items you wish to work with and your coach will help you solve problems, develop goals, establish priorities and make the most of opportunities.

    Your coach will challenge, offer alternatives and provide support.

    Coaching for directors

    Coaching is particularly relevant for new, aspiring or prospective directors, for non-executive directors and as part of a board development programme.

    • Preparation for role/career changes and joining the board

    • Managing stress, change, conflict or crisis

    • Enhancing personal impact and performance

    In addition to addressing personal issues, the organisation benefits from:

    • Greater commitment from directors and senior managers

    • Retention of key people who feel valued

    • More creative outlook in business planning

    • Improved management style

    Appointment of an individual coach/consultant who can both design and manage a board development and training programme, and provide individual confidential director coaching will enable progress to be integrated for the greater benefit of the team.

    An experienced external coach also provides a sounding board and is a channel through which sensitive issues can be addressed in a safe and controlled manner.


      Richard Winfield

      Coach to Business Leaders

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