"Thank you very much for delivering the training for NF Gold team.

"We enjoyed working with you, and I was personally very happy to see how responsive you were in adjusting the program when required. We went through a lot of material, and I am convinced that the participants will be able to recall and hopefully apply many of the techniques presented in the sessions."

Dejan Popovic, Director, New Frontier Group, Austria

“The retreat organised by Oando PLC and facilitated by Richard was extremely professional. The team enjoyed the retreat and followed through actions has changed their behaviour. The facilitation style was very easy to follow and interesting. The outcome of the retreat was also used to develop the outline of the Quarterly Management retreat.”

‘Demola Ogunbanjo, Manager, Avaizon Consulting, Nigeria

“Thanks for a stimulating two days, which has resulted in my senior management team reviewing the way they work, plan and implement. The biggest change has been in how they work together as a team! We are very pleased that a number of important business issues have been identified and already worked upon with the next steps clearly identified. In summary excellent.”

Roger Randall, Managing director, Biomet UK

“The day exceeded our expectations and a great deal emerged which will be very valuable going forward. You brought a refreshing and innovative approach to the day and the personality profiling which you did in advance and used to illustrate board behaviours was inspirational”.

Peter Maskell, BHSF, UK

"We all felt it was a really inspiring couple of days and have come back much closer and committed as a team as a result. The difference in the atmosphere within the organisation is remarkable and I think this is due to managers being more approachable, and there is far more 'walking and talking' than before and lots more interaction between the management team.

"All in all, Richard, a very productive and motivational two days. Thank you!"

Susan Blake, HR Director, Wilo (UK)

"Richard is an excellent facilitator with a pleasant manner, considerable knowledge and competence who didn't stick to a rigid agenda; he was flexible with our needs as and when they arose. We would definitely recommend him.

"We wanted to know how to deal with objections and he helped us discover concrete and realistic methods by seeking clarification, reframing or addressing their emotions.

"He helped us reframe our selling to buying facilitation and develop alternative ways of contacting them through influencers in the school system."

Loudmouth: education and training through theatre, UK

“My mind was blown when I realised the difference between teaching and coaching. And then when I started to address the process of meetings with questions (rather than providing solutions), my communication and relationships improved.”

Nigel Berridge, Head of Multi Media Marketing, Orange.

“Thorough, competent, knowledgeable and an excellent communicator capable of articulating his knowledge in a well paced manner”.

“PS: You taught me a lot more than I probably gave you credit for at the time. Maybe I wasn?t even fully aware of it at the time. Thanks.”

Richard Pearce, Birmingham City Council

"This project was well organised with the right mixture of internal and external input. All member feedback has been positive and for the first time we have individual and organisational development plans, which are already being implemented.

"Richard Winfield listened to our requirements and delivered a quality process, which he managed professionally from beginning to end."

Chris Almgill, Chairman, Worcester Community Housing

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