Director Development and Corporate Governance

Directors and boards have the maximum leverage for change – you provide the leadership and role models for the rest of the organisation. You are under the greatest pressure, and are more likely to suffer from stress and an out of balance work/home life.

That’s why I love working with you!

That's why I focus on improving board performance.

That's why I help new directors become more confident, more effective, more quickly.

That's why I set out to become The Independent Authority on Director Development.

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Improving board performance

I believe that one of the best ways to improve a nation’s economy is to improve the effectiveness of the boards of directors in its companies and pubic sector organisations.

Unfortunately, many directors lack training and many boards lack processes.

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There is now a long enough history of corporate governance, with local codes having been introduced in many countries of the world, for boards to be aware of best practice.

It is now accepted that sound governance results in better performing companies that deliver total economic value within its broader meaning. However, in most cases formal governance requirements might only recently have been introduced and probably are only imposed for major public companies.

I have been excited to monitor the progress of corporate governance, both in ideas and in international coverage, because the principles and practices of good governance are exactly the principles and practices that I have been teaching for many years.

As a systems thinker I love it. And I am wise enough to recognise the dangers of it becoming a tick box bureaucratic process.

If boards are to follow the spirit of good governance to good effect, they “must think deeply, thoroughly and on a continuing basis, about their overall tasks and the implications of these for the roles of their individual members. Absolutely key in this endeavour are the leadership of the chairman of a board, the support given to and by the CEO, and the frankness and openness of mind with which issues are discussed and tackled by all directors.”*
* The UK Corporate Governance Code, June 2010

Two aspects of corporate governance particularly appeal to me. The ‘comply or explain’ concept allows boards to interpret the code in ways that are appropriate to their company and discourage a rigid tick box approach. The requirement for listed companies to undertake and report on an annual board performance evaluation and director appraisal is an excellent discipline and one that I would recommend to all companies, regardless of their size.

Board Performance Evaluation and Director Appraisal

With my enthusiasm for improving board performance through director development and corporate governance, I have a readymade toolkit for undertaking appraisals and evaluations, training courses for directors, and can provide confidential coaching or facilitation for individual directors or boards. Contact me to find out more.

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