Coaching and coach training

When looking for a coach would you choose someone who:

  • Has travelled to world for 20 years to study personal development?
  • Has studied coaching for ten years?
  • Has regularly attended the major international coaching conferences to capture the latest ideas and methods?
  • Has written about coaching for ten years?
  • Has taught coaching internationally for eight years?
  • Somebody with wide experience, having founded several SMEs, worked in the public sector and worked in international industry developing directors and senior managers?

I am a systems thinker and in everything I do I am searching for better ways to do things and looking for the fundamentals that can make things simple and more effective.

There are different approaches to coaching. Many people specialise in ongoing personal support, challenging and hand holding while their clients improve their effectiveness. This probably suits coaches with a more sociable personality.

As systems thinker, I am more interested in achieving rapid change, in helping people over thresholds. A typical coaching relationship with me is for three sessions of three hours with a flip chart.

I think of myself as a transition coach. For example, I help new or failing directors to move from a ‘manager’ mindset to a ‘director’ mindset, enabling them to become much more effective much more quickly.

Alternatively, I might help a manager move from having to ‘know it all’ to someone who is able to develop others by coaching them towards their own solution. It is surprising how often micromanagers are really committed to making personal change and letting go. A sudden recognition of the manager’s role as developer rather than teacher can have a dramatic effect on their effectiveness.

I love it when my clients have that 'smoke coming out their ears' experience, when suddenly they see the world completely differently.

I ask people. “What is the difference between training and coaching?” “When you have been on a training course you know what you have been taught, though you might not know it. When you have been coached, you might not be able to remember what the problem was.”

If you are looking for someone to help you address a particular problem or resolve a particular situation, then do contact me. Alternatively, if you are looking for an independent sounding board who can ask you really powerful questions, then I’m your man, too.

Are you interested in coach training?

As well as delivering coaching myself, I also teach coaching.

For individuals and managers I have developed the Invisible Coaching® natural coaching system, and for those who wish to become professional coaches, there is the ASEC Coach Certification Program. Both of these can be licensed for corporate use.

I also specialise in working with directors and boards. You can read about it here: Director development and corporate governance.

You can download a detailed CV for Richard Winfield here.

Or you can contact me direct. Use our contact form to describe your need, or call me on: +44 (0) 121 288 3417.

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