The New Directors Handbook

lessons from a corp coach-businessAre you a new or prospective director? This book provides an introduction to the responsibilities, skills and attitudes required for an effective director.

Following the recommendations and learning the processes in this book will enable you to become more effective director, more quickly.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Roles and responsibilities of directors
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Corporate Governance
  • Vision, mission and values
  • Strategies and plans
  • Delegation
  • Stakeholders

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Richard Winfield – master story teller

Many years ago a friend of mine accused me: “If anyone asks you a question, you reply ‘Let me tell you a story’”.

I am sure that is not strictly true, but I do believe in the power of stories and, in particular, the benefit of putting a lesson into context. Robert Dilts taught me that learning requires a link between the known and the unknown, together with creation of a cognitive map to give people a reference experience to give these maps meaning.

Stories provide both context and structure, they work on the subconscious – and they are more fun than just providing facts.

After all, they are the oldest form of teaching.

Over the years I have amassed a considerable library as well as a significant resource of notes and training materials from the many courses that I have attended. It is my commitment now to make this knowledge available world wide through a series of easy access publications. A series of individual books that combine to form a personal masterclass.

Corporate Coaching Masterclass

This series draws on articles published in CorporateCoach together with new work specially commissioned for the series.

Together, the titles comprise a resource for anyone interested in learning about coaching in a corporate context.

Stories from a Corporate Coach

Corporate Coaching MasterClass“Stories from a Corporate Coach” is a collection of teaching stories that have been collected by Richard Winfield during his long career as a consultant, coach and facilitator. Many of these stories are well known amongst trainers, particularly those from the NLP world. Here they are gathered together and told in a simple form ready to be inserted into lectures and workshops as appropriate. Some stories are drawn from other cultures, including religious texts and Aesop’s Fables.

In addition to almost a hundred stories, there is a short collection of poems and a reservoir of inspiring quotations for speakers to draw upon.

Not only is this an enjoyable book in its own right, but it is the reference book that every speaker, coach or trainer has been waiting for.

Reflections of a Corporate Coach

Corporate Coaching MasterClassThese individual volumes of “Reflections” comprise a collection of editorials inspired by the many people Richard Winfield has met, the events he has lived through and ideas that he has encountered since the launch of the CorporateCoach newsletter in 2001. It is a diary of thinking that has allowed him to express his refreshingly simple approach to life and share his wisdom with a wide audience.

Richard is the founder and principal consultant of Brefi Group and head of its Director Development Centre, providing transition coaching to directors, boards and partnerships.

His desire to meet influential people from all over the world is demonstrated with each entry that unfolds, leaving the reader with an array of tales of inspiration and wisdom. This enlightening collection of anecdotes and observations from his 30-year career provides an insight into personal development and positive thinking and is a practical demonstration of the power of storytelling in corporate life.

Reflections of a Corporate Coach Volume 1 – paperback

Reflections of a Corporate Coach (1-50) – Kindle

Reflections of a Corporate Coach (51-100) – Kindle


Lessons from a Corporate Coach – Coaching

Richard Winfield - Lessons from a Corporate Coach - CoachingThis book is an anthology of articles that have been published in Brefi Group’s newsletter, CorporateCoach, since February 2001. The 65 chapters cover issues such as applications of coaching, coaching techniques and processes, HR applications, goal setting and personal development.Amazon Button small

Lessons from a Corporate Coach – Business

lessons from a corp coach-businessThis book is an anthology of articles that have been published in Brefi Group’s CorporateCoach newsletter since February 2001. The 50 chapters cover issues such as business planning tools, leadership, personal effectiveness, people management and recruitment, and director development.Amazon Button small

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